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 editionsbest psd  #045  

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PRESENTING TO YOU: 23THEMES! —a series of themes created by me.

THEME ONE: Lookin’ Like Facebook BY: LAUREN

Theme Rules:

  • you may edit it if you feel like doing so that your blog is unique
  • however, do not use as a base code
  • do not remove the credit
  • do not move the credit to another page
  • do not steal the graphics
  • if you break these rules, i may find you and stick a shovel up your asshole. this theme took me 9 days.
Theme Uses:
  • Character Theme (if edited correctly)
  • Main Theme (if edited correctly)
After you have read all of these, the live preview and code are here ——- LP / PASTEBIN
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Nos encontramos en el siglo XXI, ¿quien pensaría en la magia como algo real? Unos niños pasaban sus tardes jugando a ser magos y en cambio otros, eran arrestados quitados de las manos de sus padres, para llevarlos lejos de una sociedad simple y común, como la de los humanos.

Solo diez personas, cinco chicas, y cinco chicos, de diferentes partes del mundo, eran la única marca que quedaba de que la magia existía. Fueron encerrados en Wycombe Abbey, un internado. 

Algunos llevaban aquí desde su nacimiento, otros desde una temprana edad, y otros simplemente acaban de llegar. Lo que se pretende reclutando a estos llamados “monstruos” era alejarlos de él, Malcolm Brocklehurst.

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psd 375 for gifs! by youngmaterials

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Sweetest Downfall Theme by Daphne — Live Preview || Codes

  • 3 column theme with fixed sidebars
  • 500px wide post
  • You can change the bg of the banner and its text color
  • You can fully customize this theme, from colors, to texts, down to backgrounds. (Go to appearace section)
  • 2 custom cursorsaa 
  • No right click and highlight text
  • With 6 custom links (You can change the text and its color)
  • More..

If ever may problema yung theme, please let me know. And hindi pala lahat ng pwede gumamit ng theme na to, depende lang sa screen resolution. Pero if you really want to use this theme, kausapin mo nalang ako para maayos ko yung codes for you. Last, please show your support by liking or reblogging this post. Thank you :”> PS: Tell me if your using this theme :)

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THEME #1 by petey-rps;

live preview / code

Basically made for RPH blogs, but you can mess around with it to make it a roleplay blog too. If you have any questions, holla at your girl. But yeah. Liv asked me to release a theme a long time ago, so this is overdue. Oh well. I hope you guys like it! Here are the image sizes: 

  • Left Sidebar: 350px by 700px
  • Left Nametag: 100px by 700px
  • Right Sidebar: 200px by 250px
  • Navigation Banners: 200px by 100px
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spectrum theme 26: download | preview

  • sidebar: any images you want
  • link and description hover
  • 500px posts

Like if you’ve used. :)

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Theme 000 - The First Face This Face Saw

200px wide sb image

Icon and links at right sb

Up to 4 links

Two versions with double bordered and single bordered

Live preview version 1 / version 2 / Download

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Click on the names to see live preview, features & install links.

Please like this post if you take them. Using these themes means agreeing with the terms of use.

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